Race to nowhere is happening again! Every ragtag sailboat or rowboat or canoe around should get their oars to Port Townsend bay for a fun jaunt around wherever you want to go. Get yee to the gig.

This year we’re splitting the goals. We are, once again, trying to circle Marrowstone and Indian islands in our tiny boats. Everyone willing is encouraged to join us! Circling the islands will be challenging, you’ll find the biggest race to be the race against the tidal shift which will make the ship canal either exciting or incredibly dull, depending on if you’re getting sucked through or just waiting out the next tide. Read the tides! Get a chart!

For those not sold on this type of likely misadventure, you are encouraged to do any route you’d like, as challenging as you can handle.

We’ll all be (hopefully) meeting up at the boat camp spot at Fort Flaggler for evening BBQ and ceremonies. The goal is to share our stories of the day on the water and decide together who wins the year.


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