Currents Against Us: This compilation focuses on examining the nuances of life at sea for folks who have spent some time on the water. A “by sailors for sailors,” it features a discussion on crew dynamics, a retrospective of operating a boat collectively, an interview, and two other articles. Through this compilation we’re hoping to generate subculture and discussions around radicals taking to the sea and figuring out what that can look like. Often our ideals and politics get eaten up in the logistics of staying afloat, we’re hoping to focus on them.

The standard print has a silver cover (if you order one, it’s sparkley screenprinted!). Because some printers and most photocopiers balk at any artistry, we offer a ‘low res’ print version that’s just black and white without most of the graphics.
Currents Against Us – Web version
Currents Against Us – Print Version
Currents Against Us – Low-res Print Version

Hopeless, Restless: A small zine of sailing stories and reflections on the inspirations and possibilities of sailing. The adventures center around an engineless 28 foot boat in the Pacific Northwest, while musings consider the creation of autonomous spaces, escape, and the wild.
Hopeless, Restless – Web Version
Hopeless, Restless – Print Version

Yachting and its Discontents: Yet another entry in the catalog of “underprepared adventures,” this short story highlights a voyage down the east coast of the US in the dead of winter. Tiny boats, big seas, frozen lines and fingers make a rather eventful ride.
The zine is in quarter-size format so the print version prints two. Share with a friend!
Yachting and its Discontents – Web Version
Yachting and its Discontents – Print Version

Against the Current: A series of zines about the harsh reality that adventure at sea for some of us is constantly mitigating disaster. The author, steve, struggles to keep up with broken boats and sea sick crews while attempting to keep afloat physically and emotionally.
Issue One – A story about a small unfit daysailer full of greenhorns against some big weather. The title hints at the outcome.
Abandon Ship! – Web
Abandon Ship! – Print
Issue Two – Sailor Vito Dumas sailed alone around the world with no self-steering, staying at the tiller a majority of the time. Doing this for a few days is maddening and incredibly trying for our little sailors. Battling sea sickness, roach infestations, lack of sleep, and “the tyranny of the tiller,” the crew hobbles home from the tropics.
Two Part Misadventure – Web
Two Part Misadventure – Print
Issue Three – Often travel feels more like leaving a place than going to a new one. When a boat is always breaking and the situations you’re in are constantly precarious, it feels like you’re escaping every time you move. This story is about sailing to and from a meetup of DIY sailors in the Caribbean, whilst trying to keep the boat and ourselves together.
Escape – Web
Escape – Print

My First Rodeo: After bidding on a boat online for $163 and winning, Darton sets off seeing what this sailing thing is all about. Discovering new skills, places, and aspects of himself while traveling down the ICW of the eastern seaboard, his account highlights the classic sailboat crash-course adventure. Includes wonderful pictures from the voyage.

My First Rodeo – Web

Wanderers of the World: A historical overview of sailors sharing radical tendencies. The author examines the underlying current of searching for freedom at sea throughout history as exemplified through multiple popular sailing authors. Lines are draw between the thoughts of anti-authoritarians and these authors along with highlighting some current projects that fit into the same tendencies.

For No One Else Will Bother: A report-back and reflections on the 2012 DIY Sailboat Meetup that happened in Rio Dulce Guatemala. The author shares their experience coming to help organize this event with an eye towards the future. More about the event can be found here.
For No One Else Will Bother

I went to sea to struggle for a space to exist in: Written for a publication on mental health, this short essay talks about going out to sea in order to find an escape from the oppressions inherent in modern society and find space for ourselves. The zine in it’s entirety can be found here. Hard copies can be obtained by emailing:
I went to sea to struggle for a space to exist in

Holdfast!: The well-known and circulated video zine about a few vagabonds restoring a derelict vessel and heading out to sea. Full of adventure at every turn, the bunch cruises through the Bahamas after fixing a forgotten boat in Florida. This inspiring video brought a lot of us out of the woodwork and out to sea.
Full length streamed on Vimeo
Download the torrent here

To The Next Horizon: An interview with squatters turned sailors Klara and Luis from S/V Florina. They talk about the transition from squatting to sailing, how their lifestyles and worldviews translate to sea, sailing in Europe, and other topics such as their Atlantic crossing.
Next Horizon

The Unsinkable Pam Boyle: It’s true, punks have more fun. Even on a sinking dinghy in a lake full of alligators, we find ways to make it awesome and write a good short story about it afterwards.
Pam Boyle

One Year with an Old Wooden Boat: The decision to fall in line and comply with the status quo or throw it all away and head out to sea is the romance that sailboats represent. This is a story about people living that dream and what the damp reality of that looked like for them in a leaky old wooden boat.
One Year

Check back for downloads of more zines and other media that ourselves and others have put out!

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  3. Dylan says:

    Just came across your site and am wondering if you’re still working on this project? I’m also interested in possibly getting some physical copies of your zines. Get in touch through email if you can, thanks!

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