Race to Nowhere 2019

Hey freaks we’re doing another little race, just for fun. Get your boats floating up here!


We’ll be hanging out Friday night the 20th, also at Port Hadlock along the water, having a little barbecue. Come out! The race course this year will be decided that Friday, so please show up if you can and have your say.

Race registration is not required, but helpful. See you soon!


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We had a wonderful barbecue on the beach during the small craft advisory! We also worked out an ammended race course and plan for tomorrow. We’ll meet tomorrow with boats at 11 am, at the city dock near the maritime center (pope marine park). The course will be from the city dock starting line, around the point hudson #2 can, around rat island green #1 marker, and back to city dock. Please be prompt and we’ll see yall there!

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Registration Open!

Hey all!

The race is in a couple weeks! On Friday the 21st, at 6PM we’ll have a little potluck/ grilling situation downtown at Pope Marine Park so we can hang out and get to know each other, and go over the rules of the race. Location may change due to weather, and to coordinate logistics a little more organized like…

I made a registration form online! On it can register your boat, or sign up to try to find a spot on another boat. I’ll share your information with other registrants if you are looking for crew/ looking for a boat, and use you’re contact information for letting you know of any changes.

You can find the registration here!

Thanks and hope to see ya soon!

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Anarchist Regatta! Race to Nowhere!

Hey folks!

We’re hosting an informal sail race the weekend of September 21st in Port Townsend, come join us! We’re looking to get together and tell jokes, share some skills, show each other our boats, and have a little friendly competition.


The race will test who can make the best time, anchor to anchor, sailing around Marrowstone Island, leaving anytime that weekend and finishing before Sunday evening. The course is 20 miles and is strongly influenced by the tide (so bring extra snacks).

We’ll be around all weekend with the distro, and there will be a couple organized hang-outs and meetups through the weekend. Forget about another coat of varnish and come race that sinking pile of sticks! Let’s hang out!



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Dirty Coast Sailboat Meetup

We we’re just at the Dirty Coast Sailboat meetup where we moved a lot of zines, sailed a lot of boats, and met a lot of amazing people. Thanks everyone for being there, and if you’d like to contribute to the project, which we very much encourage you to do, please email us at alwaysagainstthecurrent@gmail.com or the address in one of the zines you picked up.

Check back in, we’re hoping to have more soon. Don’t forget your old shipmate.


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New Submission

We’ve been lucky enough to receive a new submission to our releases section! A story about buying a boat for cheap and figuring out how it works while voyaging south, My First Rodeo by Darton Devin is the classic crash-course adventure story about sailing. Complete with pictures of the voyage, you can download it from the link above or under the releases tab of the page.

Keep ’em coming! Hopefully we’ll have more for you soon.

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new horizons

So this site has been pretty defunct for a bit and we’re kinda trying to figure out what we want to do with it.

We’ll probably gut it down to a single page, where you can get sailing related zines, no blog, not much action, we’ll see

Part of the reason is we’re just doing other stuff. Me and steve are both sailing in the pacific, just got to hawaii yesterday. If you’re interested in following us, I started a blog about our trips and the boat, and you can find it here.

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