Well well!

We’ve gotten another bunch of submissions, which you can find in the releases section. It’s mid January now and we’ve been busy, be it in sunny blue waters of the Atlantic or grayest coast of the north pacific… so please check out the releases that are up, and check back as we’ll certainly have more stories to share soon.

And as always, please contribute. If you can’t think of how to, feel free to email us and we’ll try to think of something together.

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Still working…

So we’ve got more things, and we’ve been scheming, editing, writing, and at least one of us has been kinda busy sailing in the fucking bahamas. If you’ve said you’d write, then fucking get writing. If you want to start now, email us! We’re maybe not getting as much as we’d hoped, and it might be going in a different direction, but we’ll figure it out. Keep checking.

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New release!

So we’ve sent out the call… And now we’ve received our first major submission. We still need a bunch more material for this to work, but there’s plenty of time and I think it’s gonna come together pretty well. Stay tuned for more shit, and get you’re shit together and write something for the project! You can find our newest writing in the release section, and our newest friend in the mates section…

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Just the beginning

So we’ve sent out the call, and are badgering our friends and accomplices to get their shit together and share whatever it is they’re doing. We’ll be posting our progress (ir)regularly, so check back! But maybe it’s time you thought about what you could share, and how you could help out, because

The secret is to really begin,

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