new horizons

So this site has been pretty defunct for a bit and we’re kinda trying to figure out what we want to do with it.

We’ll probably gut it down to a single page, where you can get sailing related zines, no blog, not much action, we’ll see

Part of the reason is we’re just doing other stuff. Me and steve are both sailing in the pacific, just got to hawaii yesterday. If you’re interested in following us, I started a blog about our trips and the boat, and you can find it here.

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We’ll be at the NC Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair!

On Saturday November 23rd we’ll have a table at the Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair in North Carolina along with many other exciting distros and publishers. We’ll have a few new things, and the goodies we always table with. For more info, visit:

If you’re in the area, stop by!

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Tour Wrap-up, New Releases!

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who helped with the tour through attending the events, giving submissions to the distro, booking, housing, and the like. It was a great time and we moved a large amount of material! For those who weren’t able to attend, we read from zines, talked about the distro, and had discussions about aligning radical lifestyles and sailing. Although nothing is set in stone, there’s a good chance another will happen in the near future.

We’re just tickled to share our new material with you. We’ve been distroing our recently-completeled compilation zine, “Currents Against Us,” and are happy to have it up for download. It focuses more on analysis and less on storytelling, examining some of the nuances for folks who have spent some time on the water. A “by sailors for sailors,” if you will. It features a few different articles including a discussion on crew dynamics, a retrospective of operating a boat collectively, an interview, and two other articles. Through this compilation we’re hoping to generate subculture and discussions around radicals taking to the sea and figuring out what that can look like.

For the tour we read from two new stories: “Hopeless, Restless” and “Yachting and its Discontents.” These are available for reading/download on the releases section along with descriptions. As always all material is free to download. If you’d like a physical copy please send us an email. All zines are between $1 and $3USD, plus shipping.

We really want feedback about the material we’re putting out, especially the Currents Against Us zine. If you want to share your thoughts please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you! We’re eternally open to more submissions if you have something to share.

Keep checking for updates!

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Upcoming tour!!!


August, 29 – September, 4th
“How inappropriate to call this planet earth when it is quite clearly ocean.”

While we plant gardens, clock hours, run scams, or spend countless hours in meetings, we dream of the sea. The sea, which has claimed countless lives by its storms and sirens, romances us away from the banal aspects of our existences with promises of the unknown. We set out to the big ocean in small boats, discovering our lives and each other along the way. For years now we’ve been salvaging wrecks and foraging seaweed, planning while cramped below decks and on the bow under full moons. Together we’ve discovered much; we’ve found hardship, for sure, but we’ve found promise as well. While some go back to the land, we set out to sea.

We’ve written some stories and collected more from maniacs who, like us, have uprooted and dove into the tempests of the ocean. We’re sharing what we’ve experienced by touring around the Salish Sea (WA and BC) and reading some of these stories that talk about the difficulties of achieving our goals out there, the entertaining adventures that we’re always searching for, and the endless difficulties of working towards a life worth living at sea. Our presentation will consist of a few stories from the past couple years on the water, and
we’ll open for questions.

We’ll have a distro of printed material with us: sea stories, accounts of living on boats, beautiful artwork, and analysis of how this aligns with our worldviews and politics. While we’re only a small group touring and speaking, there are plenty of radical sailors out there and we hope to showcase some of the work they’ve been doing. Some of this can be found in the releases section of this website

All dates are also with Julian, who writes “One Way Ticket”, a video of a reading from issue 7 can be found here.

Please spread the word about the tour through your friends and social media!
Tour Dates:
Aug29 Olympia WA – The New Moon Cooperative Cafe, 7 PM
Aug30 Port Townsend WA – Boiler Room, 7PM
Aug31 Seattle WA – Black Coffee Co-op, 7 PM
Sept1 Vancouver BC – Strathcona Art Gallery
Sept2 Denman Island BC –
Sept4 Victoria BC – Camus Books

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Summer and Beyond

So after another winter’s voyage completed we find ourselves with new visions and ideas for the ‘currents againts us’ project. The current format was interesting and we received quite a few good submissions from it; we’re looking to take those, manifest more, and make a physical presence. Given the subculture we’ve come to in, our default is making a distro. In this distro we hope to carry an assortment of zines, some of the ones found on this site along with others that are relevent. We’re hoping to create and distribute artwork in the forms of posters, patches, pins, and the other usual suspects. We’re lucky to have a few films made by people in or circles that we’ll be able to distribute as well.

The centerpiece for said distro as of now will be the ‘currents against us’ booklet. This will be a collection of stories, analysis, and other writings similar to the ones found on this site currently.

We’re still seeking submissions for this whole project. Be it in the form of writings, artwork, films, etc. We have a good base of content, but are always looking to expand.

We’re hoping to have this completed by the fall and take it on a few short tours on the east and west coasts of America. If you would like to help out with this we would love your help in whatever format makes sense (contributions, setting up dates, etc).

Also, any saavy web designers that feel like helping us spruce up the site, we’d love it!

-Capn Collins

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Well well!

We’ve gotten another bunch of submissions, which you can find in the releases section. It’s mid January now and we’ve been busy, be it in sunny blue waters of the Atlantic or grayest coast of the north pacific… so please check out the releases that are up, and check back as we’ll certainly have more stories to share soon.

And as always, please contribute. If you can’t think of how to, feel free to email us and we’ll try to think of something together.

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Still working…

So we’ve got more things, and we’ve been scheming, editing, writing, and at least one of us has been kinda busy sailing in the fucking bahamas. If you’ve said you’d write, then fucking get writing. If you want to start now, email us! We’re maybe not getting as much as we’d hoped, and it might be going in a different direction, but we’ll figure it out. Keep checking.

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