Get out the SplashZone cuz we floating again in a few weeks!

It’s happening again!

The OFFICIAL race will be all day August 28th. We’ll start early that day from the Cascadia Marine Trail campsite at Fort Flaggler, and there’s a few different routes we’ll be going over. Back to ice cream spot? Race around some red cans? Circle the islands? TBD

X marks the spot

I’m hoping some of you fellow freeks will want to join us in camping at the site that night, where we can regale each other with the day’s misadventures. This will also be the AWARD CEREMONY so don’t miss it if you want a chance to be celebrated!

I plan on being there Friday night also, so come for the whole weekend if you can!

The site has limited tent sites, so bring your smallest tents and share as much space as you can. Please be vaccinated if your trying to freek out with us on at the camp site!

Previously we’ve had registration forms, but this year we’ll be using a Signal group for communication, email currentsagainstus at gmail dot com or just text matx2 to get added.

Bring ur VHF radios or your baofengs, as we’ll be using general marine VHF for on water shit talking and whatever.

Fort Flaggler is a public access park, but a discover pass is required to drive in. They have a boat launch. The marine trail campsite is small and (allegedly) only usable if your arriving via englineless small craft. It’s a short walk from the lower campground, and is just west of where the bluffs begin. We’ll have some large fenders for rolling boats up and down the beach, but you people with real ballast might have to get ferried in. We’ll figure it out!

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