Tour Wrap-up, New Releases!

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who helped with the tour through attending the events, giving submissions to the distro, booking, housing, and the like. It was a great time and we moved a large amount of material! For those who weren’t able to attend, we read from zines, talked about the distro, and had discussions about aligning radical lifestyles and sailing. Although nothing is set in stone, there’s a good chance another will happen in the near future.

We’re just tickled to share our new material with you. We’ve been distroing our recently-completeled compilation zine, “Currents Against Us,” and are happy to have it up for download. It focuses more on analysis and less on storytelling, examining some of the nuances for folks who have spent some time on the water. A “by sailors for sailors,” if you will. It features a few different articles including a discussion on crew dynamics, a retrospective of operating a boat collectively, an interview, and two other articles. Through this compilation we’re hoping to generate subculture and discussions around radicals taking to the sea and figuring out what that can look like.

For the tour we read from two new stories: “Hopeless, Restless” and “Yachting and its Discontents.” These are available for reading/download on the releases section along with descriptions. As always all material is free to download. If you’d like a physical copy please send us an email. All zines are between $1 and $3USD, plus shipping.

We really want feedback about the material we’re putting out, especially the Currents Against Us zine. If you want to share your thoughts please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you! We’re eternally open to more submissions if you have something to share.

Keep checking for updates!

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One Response to Tour Wrap-up, New Releases!

  1. dstimpf says:

    hello, my name is Dan, and I happened to stumble upon the blueseaanarchy website, I think the whole idea of what your doing is pretty cool and I would like to check out an actual hard copy of “Currents Against Us.” You can email me at

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