Summer and Beyond

So after another winter’s voyage completed we find ourselves with new visions and ideas for the ‘currents againts us’ project. The current format was interesting and we received quite a few good submissions from it; we’re looking to take those, manifest more, and make a physical presence. Given the subculture we’ve come to in, our default is making a distro. In this distro we hope to carry an assortment of zines, some of the ones found on this site along with others that are relevent. We’re hoping to create and distribute artwork in the forms of posters, patches, pins, and the other usual suspects. We’re lucky to have a few films made by people in or circles that we’ll be able to distribute as well.

The centerpiece for said distro as of now will be the ‘currents against us’ booklet. This will be a collection of stories, analysis, and other writings similar to the ones found on this site currently.

We’re still seeking submissions for this whole project. Be it in the form of writings, artwork, films, etc. We have a good base of content, but are always looking to expand.

We’re hoping to have this completed by the fall and take it on a few short tours on the east and west coasts of America. If you would like to help out with this we would love your help in whatever format makes sense (contributions, setting up dates, etc).

Also, any saavy web designers that feel like helping us spruce up the site, we’d love it!

-Capn Collins

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One Response to Summer and Beyond

  1. Billy says:

    I baught an old catalina 27 rebuilt it, learned how to sail it, and my fiancé and I sailed it from the Chesapeake bay to the Bahamas and back. I made a 47 minute film about our trip. It’s on youtube at

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